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20131108-073952.jpg We need your help to organise our planting calendar in time for Spring! Tell us on FB or Twitter, what you like to plant when or what is easiest to grow in the ACT and Southern NSW…

When talking to folks around the region I’ve discovered that many people (except the absolute experts) are unsure which seeds to plant when for their veg patch, especially in the colder climes of ACT and Southern NSW.

To take the consternation out of planting seeds, is putting together a easy seed planting calendar. You can download the first draft of the calendar from this post (yes it’s free!) BUT…we need your help!

I’ve had a go at putting together the calendar and figuring out how easy each plant is to grow, but we’d like to know from you in the community what you plant when and how easy it is to grow to make the calendar even better.

What we’re aiming to do here is organise the calendar like recipe ratings – one leaf for super easy, two leaves for easy, three leaves for more experienced growers, and four leaves for the expert or adventurous only :-).

We’ll be making it easy to add seed sowing to your calendar too…but more to come on that later 😉

Happy harvesting and stay warm,
Elizabeth G

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