What's your pick for easy-grow fruit'n'veg?

3 What do you think are the easiest fruit, veg and herbs to grow for beginners?

At our volunteers are tinkering away on goodies to help make it easy to grow fruit and veg for spring and summer. We’d like to create a short-list of the easy fruit, veg and herbs to grow in the Canberra and southern NSW region. We’re trying to make it fun and easy and increase the success rate for people who are just getting started with growing.

This means we are looking for plants for the veg patch that are nearly impossible to kill, not fussy to plant, can cope with not much care or fuss and taste great.

Now we’ve got some thoughts on what’s easiest including tomatoes and zucchini but there’s only a few of us and lots more of you out there in the community – so which do you think are the easiest to start growing with?

Stay warm,

Elizabeth G