What veg to plant this weekend 1

20131108-075009.jpg Remember to grab some vege seedlings while you are out and about this weekend. In the cold climate of Canberra and surrounds it’s time to plant: tomatoes, capsicum, basil and eggplant seedlings.

Plant your seedlings into a vege patch or pots or even a plastic crate with holes drilled in the bottom for drainage. If you want to give them a boost to start then grab a bag of ‘moo poo’ (manure and soil mix) to plant them in too.

Happy digging

Elizabeth G.

PS: Watch out online next week for the release of the Summer Vege Challenge HINT: getting your seedlings in this weekend might give you a head start

One thought on “What veg to plant this weekend

  • Boz

    Crazy Clarke’s discount stores in Australia have a number of types of tough green bags suitable for growing veggies for a couple of dollars. They have small ones for growing beans and tomatoes, but they also sell larger ones made for use as tote bags, that with 1cm drain holes in the sides (at the bottom, just above ground level), would make good small veggie growing containers for those short on space.

    You can also use rigid plastic storage boxes with drain holes added, but they will only last a couple of years in the sun before falling apart. Not, that that’s a bad thing – opportunity to dump the soil into the compost and start afresh.


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