We need you this Spring! Volunteers Wanted

be-a-starCan you and/or a buddy spare a couple of hours a week or a few hours a month to help out in the community? Then could use some help from you! Here’s what we need…

At we are looking for enthusiastic, positive people to join our volunteer team (which is everyone :-).

You definitely do not need to be a great veg grower to help out, and in fact most of us are just keen novices with a sense of community and a little time and skills to share.

For Spring-Summer 2014-15 we are looking for volunteers to contribute by:
* Coordinating harvest swaps in Canberra
* Coordinating harvest swaps in Yass
* Writing blog posts to help people starting out with a new veg patch
* Writing blog posts to help people grow more from their existing veg patch
* Coordinating media releases and interviews
* Providing veg patch inspiration by doing interviews with locals about their veg patches
* Finding inspiration from across the web to share with our community on Facebook and twitter
* Making video clips or podcasts from inspirations and events to share with our community
* Running our website and social media system (via wordpress) to keep it humming along
* Coordinating a seedling growing group to help our spring-summer strong seedling experiment
* Run other experiments to figure out the best way to grow in our area
* Other things that you’d like to do and see in the community.

As you can see there is plenty to do and to keep it manageable for each person we try to have a couple of people work on each area to make it easier, fun and more flexible to fit in with other activities you do. So you can bring a buddy and share one of the areas or just volunteer and we’ll set you up with another volunteer as a buddy.

If you are interested then send us an email at and let us know what you would like to do. Then me or one of the other members of the team will get in touch.

We love volunteers and have so much fun 🙂

Elizabeth G