Veg Out Gatherings

Veg Out Gatherings start in October! Where’s yours?

Veg Out GatheringsOur facebook followers may have seen a hint about our latest project – Veg Out Gatherings. Here’s the story of where they came from and how they work…read on or join our Virtual Veg Out this Thursday to get involved…

When I’m talking with people about growing veg at home, there are lots of excuses, “it’s too hard, I don’t know what to do, I don’t have the time, the veg patch is overtaken by weeds!”. There’s also lots of good things I hear – “I love being out in the veg patch, it makes me feel good, I eat better, I get some exercise or some time to myself or some fresh air, or I just like to get dirty or I love to order seeds and plant things”.

It’s interesting how when something is fun and easy that we find ways to do it, and when it’s hard or boring we find all sorts of excuses to not do it. To have more fun and good excuses to get out in the veg patch, we’ve thought we needed to make being in the veg patch a social affair (at least some of the time), and that’s where the Veg Out Gatherings come in.

A Veg Out Gathering is just people getting together at a veg patch at a time and place that suits them. I know people who plant seeds together, share their extra produce, just sit around and enjoy the company, or water and weed because that’s often more fund together – and I’m sure there are lots of other things to do as well.

So have a think about your neighbourhood, town or suburb, school, workplace, garden or other gathering place and figure out where and when a Veg Out Gathering would suit you and who you’d like to join in. Then just start inviting people. It might take a few attempts to get it going, but give it a whirl. Plant the seed and just see what grows (this is the same way our Virtual Veg Out is working, it’s on once a month and we’d love you to join in).

I’m starting a new gathering to get together with my neighbours to plant seeds once a month. There’s two reasons for this, I never seem to see my neighbours as much as I’d like, and knowing someone else is coming will remind me I need to plant seeds myself. I find I usually learn something when we sit around and talk about growing stuff too. It’s goodness all round.

My local community garden is starting a monthly Friday evening get-together with special rules – bring some food/drink to share and no garden work, it’s our night off. Our members often visit the garden at different times and rarely meet, so this is an opportunity for us to catch up, enjoy the spoils from the garden and eachothers’ company and unwind iVirtual Veg Out Gatheringn the garden at the end of the week.

There’s lots of different ways to do a Veg Out Gathering so to help you get started with your own gathering and with your veg patch, we’re starting a Virtual Veg Out gathering, at 8pm on the first Thursday of the month between now and March. Here you can dial in, talk about ideas for your veg patch and your own veg out gatherings, ask questions and share ideas with other members of the community. The topics we talk about will come from the people who get their questions and ideas on the talking points list by joining in from 7:45pm, and we’ll occasionally have special guests as well.

We all need buddies in for our veg patch, so start your own gathering or if you want some ideas, then join our Virtual Veg Out this week (or on Thu 2 Nov) by joining our Veg Out web conference by phone or internet: just follow this link for the details:

Catch you in the virtual veg patch,


Elizabeth G

PS: Check out the buddies section of our recent Kick-Ass Veg Patch post for more good reasons to get people involved in your veg patch too!