Danielle with the first radishes in the new harvest garden


Danielle with the first radishes in the new harvest garden

Danielle with the first radishes from the new harvest garden at Charnwood.

I got an email from Danielle at Canberra City Care (CCC) in Charnwood ACT today, with a great little story I’d like to share…

The new Swap, Shop & Donate stall has started this week, and it’s already showing how simple community opportunities like a harvest swap bring people together…and become a bit of light-hearted fun too :-). Danielle said earlier:

“Some people dropped off their produce on Wed afternoon before 4pm as they couldn’t come on the Thursday. I actually got an email from Jo up at the Charnwood Community Garden last week and she rallied their members to bring some things in as well. We also had our very own first bunch of white radishes from the Harvest Garden [Yay, on the way to 100kg;-)]. We had one customer go home to pick his rhubarb and came back so he could swap it with a punnet of blackberries that someone brought in:)”

BTW, anyone can bring produce to share at the Charnwood Swap, Share & Donate stall, details on when and where are now in our event calendar too.

Happy growing, Elizabeth G