Start Growing

Just for fun…have look at this video of 666ABC Canberra’s Lish Fejer planting seeds in 30 seconds in one of our funky orange aprons!

Seeds are one way to start growing veg…but…you can also start a veg patch with some boxes and little plants/seedlings you’ve purchased at the shop or market. So here’s some info to get you started with growing from seedlings and/or seeds. Remember you can come along to our events to learn how to grow as well.

Getting Started by Planting Little Plants in Veg Boxes

If you’ve never grown veges before then click here to find out how to start with a small veg box to grow .

Getting Started by Growing Seeds

* try our easy Spring Rolls way of growing seeds

Click for Seed Planting Instructions

Click for Seed Planting Instructions to read/print

(and if you are in the ACT or Southern New South Wales, try this list to select your seeds from the list below).act-calendar-seeds


* come along to our next Seed Starter Session or contact us to host a session in your neighbourhood; or

Spring seeds starters

Spring seeds starters

…if you want to share stories and inspiration from the veg patch, then you can join our online community on Facebooktwitter or instagram.