Spring Roll Demo 1- the easiest way to plant seeds

There’s been some discussion on our FB page about how to plant seeds with toilet rolls (we call this the Spring Rolls way) and what works or not…so we’re going to break the suspense and show you the easy Spring Roll way to plant seeds for your veg patch in our first Spring Roll demo video.

Spring Rolls has grown from our volunteers testing different ways of growing seeds at  home to figure out how to easily grow good strong seedlings that survive being planted into the garden. None of us are experts so we’ve made and fixed lots of mistakes along the way so I’m pretty sure you’ll be able to do grow Spring Rolls too.


This first demo video shows you how to plant the Spring Roll way when you have seeds that all need to be planted at the same depth (which is nice and easy). We’ll be putting instructions on the web and this week for how to plant with different size/depth seeds as well which is nearly the same, just with one more step and we’ll be demonstrating with different seeds at the seed starter sessions too (more demos to follow as well).


Remember you can get the list of things you need to start planting veg patch seeds in Spring Rolls from our last post – you’ll have most of these around the house or get them from the shops so it’s easy to get started.


For a real demonstration and to get some practice planting Spring Rolls, come along to the Seed Starter Session at Murrumbateman on Saturday 27 September – we’d love to see you there. Alternately, we can help you organise a seed starter session at home or in your neighbourhood if you email us at


Happy planting and see you for planting Spring Rolls next weekend at Murrumbateman Farmers Market.

Elizabeth G and the crew.