Plan-t to swap this autumn?

It’s both time to harvest and time be thinking about what to plant next…and if like me you’ve decided to plant more or get a bit more organised so you have more to share, then here’s some suggestions on what you might want to plant this autumn…

When I was talking to Danielle from the Canberra City Care in January, I asked what people who visit the Hand Up Foodcare Pantry tend to want most from the fruit’n’veg corner. Danielle said the popular things are:

Little_Dirt Leafy greens (spinach, lettuce, Asian greens etc)
– Beans
– Herbs
– Any type of fruit
– Pumpkins and Squash, and
– Seedlings too.
My other observation from hosting swaps and helping out at Vine Community Care’s food pantry is that simple, delicious looking food is always appreciated – if it’s recognisable then people will grab it and use it or, if people can’t recognise it, then they usually don’t know how to cook it or eat it either (unless you have a favourite recipe or cooking method to share as well;-).
So when you’re thinking about what to plant – think about what you might share as well as what you might eat, and you’ll be sure to get some extra fun from your produce as well. Just like happened at Charnwood on the first day the stall was open, you might find people running home to get something to share just so they can get some of what you’ve grown 😉
Happy pondering and planting,
Elizabeth G
PS: If you’d rather just do than ponder, check out the February monthly notes from the veg patch for what’s easiest to plant now, or sign up to get the reminder note for March.