IMG_6433 - 201605 pile of pallets
There’s something vaguely amusing about making something from pallets, that would otherwise be rubbish which makes me want to write in poetry. So the #upcycle veg patch story now continues as a poem. Here goes… ODE TO THE #UPCYCLE VEG PATCH Part […]

Our Old 'Four Poster' Veg Patch
Look! Our Founder, Elizabeth G is doing another experiment this Autumn with an upcycled veg patch…here’s the start of the story from Elizabeth… “An odd thing has happened to me in the last year. My […]

adult locust
Here’s the latest post from Sheba, our Bees and Bugs Guide…have you wondered about grass hoppers and locusts…those noisy, green things leaping around your vege patch? Grasshoppers and Locusts are pretty common in most backyards. The […]

Chewing Pests: Grasshoppers and Locusts

We’re excited to introduce the latest guide and correspondent to join the clan, Dr. Sheba Khan. Sheba will be a regular blogger for and is looking forward to being ‘bugged’ by you with questions about […]

Introducing Our Bugs and Bees Guide – Dr Sheba Khan

We are enjoying some magnificent weather with a lot of hands rubbing together in eagerness. Eager gardeners are checking soil temperatures and becoming impatient with the fluctuating temperature which restricts the planting of summer crops. […]

News from Kyle: Starting your spring and summer garden now ...

Yes its spring and a very exciting time of year for the gardeners. Behaving a little like fruit trees, us humans have a tendency to become a little dormant during winter. However, as I mentioned […]

Kyle's blossom filled garden says its spring!