IMG_6374 - 3 from 1 orderly

In Part 1, we visited Tiny’s Green shed and went home with a car full of things…and now to Part 2…

Part 2 – Pallets and Ponderings.

So hat on my head, and boots on my feet

Armed with pallets, a hammer, and nails

I drill and I muse and I staple and thump until

What ho! I see veg gardens prevail!


There once was 4 pallets, now there’s 3 gardens in all,

Yet there’s something unexpected I’ve found,

there’s special satisfaction in taking somebody’s rubbish,

and magically turning it ’round.


I started with rough pallets, a pile of tools and a plan,

And now I have something useful, beautiful and green.

I’ve spent several hours playing outside too,

Who knew that building with trash could be serene?


And as the sun sets I sit ‘midst empty garden beds,

Thinking “there’s so much potential,

There’s lots I could do”,

But right now, I’m going to sit here with beer and look reverential.


It’s all very good this gardening stuff,

The plants will be pretty and feed us enough,

But at the same time, there’s always a surprise in store,

“This will take off and that will look poor”.


So as I sit here at the end of the day,

it’s nice to just sit. And while the time away.IMG_6393 - pallets in moon


Who know’s what will happen in Part 3? Not me 🙂 Stay tuned.

Elizabeth G