IMG_6433 - 201605 pile of pallets

There’s something vaguely amusing about making something from pallets, that would otherwise be rubbish which makes me want to write in poetry. So the #upcycle veg patch story now continues as a poem. Here goes…


Part 1 – A Trip to Tiny’s (Green Shed)

There’s a secret society in Canberra surrounds
Of people who look normal until you mention building and they say
“have you been to Tiny’s green shed?”
In a rather casual sometimes furtive and enquiring way.

When you reply and say “Yes! And isn’t it great?”
They know you are one of them and their faces light up
“Yes I was there yesterday and I got a great deal…”
Some wood, or some wire, or some vintage crockery what a steal.

We love our Tiny’s in Mitchell and Mugga
We can wander round idly and come out with treasure.
Somehow when I needed just another small thing
I drive away with a car full of dog kennels an idea for something that rings…

So when I’m in Canberra I head to Tiny’s in haste
There’s so much good stuff and I’d hate it to waste
But now, our yard is seriously full of stuff
So I had better get to it and build something rough.

And up next…Part 2 ponderings on pallets…

IMG_6433 - 201605 pile of pallets


Have a great week.

Elizabeth G

PS: In case you are wondering what this #upcycleveg patch is all about, here’s the original post explaining this fun pallet veg garden project.