Our Old 'Four Poster' Veg Patch

Look! Our Founder, Elizabeth G is doing another experiment this Autumn with an upcycled veg patch…here’s the start of the story from Elizabeth…

“An odd thing has happened to me in the last year. My carefully planned veg patch has suddenly got too small. It’s not the garden’s fault. I’ve just outgrown it and it’s time to move on.

The reason this change of heart seems odd is because if I had not set up 100kilos.org and run harvest swaps over the last couple of years and, had a friend not loaned me her Diggers Australian Veg Garden book which has good garden layout plants in it, I would have probably happily just grown my veg in our 1.5m x 3m and been content forever. But it was not meant to be.

Our Old ‘Four Poster’ Veg Patch

Our old veg patch was great. It is just big enough for us to manage, it’s covered to deter invaders of the furry and feathered kind, protected against harsh weather and is watered with a dripper hose on a timer. All in all it’s pretty easy to manage and feeds us well through spring to autumn as long as I put plants in it often enough.

But my world has changed and I can’t go back. Just growing enough veg for my husband and I is no longer enough. Now I am sure I can grow veg pretty easily, I want to grow lots more to share. I’m calling it the generous veg patch, it’s more for us but it’s more to share now too. Now that I know when we have more than we need I can still find a good home for it to go to, I am happy to grow lots of veg.

The challenge now is to build…a new veg patch…at least 10m2…that is durable and beautiful and made from recycled and free materials as much as possible.

Given lots of people think about starting a new veg patch or growing more at home I thought I’d blog about my generous veg patch project to share the building fun too – join the conversation by following 100kilos.org blog or tagging @100Kilos_Org and #upcycleveg on Twitter or Instagram. Off to do some scheming in the beg patch.

Enjoy the autumn sunshine.
Elizabeth G”

PS: I’d love some ideas on materials I can upcycle to include and where I might source them from – tweet or ‘gram your suggestions with #upcycleveg.