Home-growing & Kathryn@ANUs Survey

Hi Folks,

There’s been lots of interest in Kathryn’s survey about home growing and urban agriculture for her research project with ANU:

So here’s a bit of a blurb about her project and some other links you might be interested in on the topic as well…

Kathryn wrote:

“Urban agriculture is not a new concept and it has been carried in many communities across the world. But the motivation to participate in this food production system, and their success, depends up the community in which it occurs and the food that can be grown.

My name is Kathryn and I am currently conducting a research project on urban agriculture in Canberra for the honours year of my science degree at the ANU. The research that I am doing aims to understand the value, challenges and opportunities surrounding urban agriculture in an affluent, food secure city such as Canberra. Through interviews and survey I hope to find out about what food people are able to produce in Canberra and the perceived social, economic and environmental benefits urban agriculture may have here.”

If you’re wanting some more info for the Canberra Region, Urban Agriculture Australia is a good start: too.

Happy sowing and growing,

Elizabeth G