Harvest Swap Posters 2016_Page_3Swap-iquette: The polite manner of negotiating swaps. There’s a couple of things that 100kilos.org community asks you to do in every Harvest Swap so its easy and enjoyable for everyone…

  • Fruit’n’Veg – that is swap seedlings, plants, fruit, vegetables, or herbs that you’ve grown or harvested or preserved.
  • Food sense – Harvest Swap food is home grown which is usually great, if you are unsure about the quality or freshness apply the ‘when in doubt don’t eat it’ principle.
  • Swaps – just exchange produce and good will, no money please.
  • Goodwill – a little appreciation goes a long way, share some thanks and a joke as well as the harvest, you can do this in person or share with the 100kilos.org community online with http://www.facebook.com/100kilos.org. You might just make someone’s day!