Grow: What to plant in December

Summer is here so along with starting your brag book for the Summer Veg Challenge in Canberra, Yass and Queanbeyan here’s what to do in the veg patch for December:

Sow more seeds of beans, beetroot, cabbage, carrot, cauliflower, Chinese cabbage, cucumber, leek, parsley, potato, pumpkin, radish, silver beet, sweet corn, zucchinis and parsnip (to mid December).

If seeds are too complicated you can also put in late planting of tomatoes and capsicum seedlings just before Christmas in the warmest spot for a good late crop. You can also plant hearing lettuce (the ones that look like Iceberg and Great Lakes) now as well – you’ll find the frilly lettuce varieties might get a bit bitter with the heat in summer.

By the way, with the hotter days coming on remember to water your fruit trees, net them to prevent bird damage to stone fruit and spray these too.

If you want a version of this you can print to stick on the fridge, go to the Canberra Horticultural Society who put out their monthly garden bulletin which is great (and are the basis for most of our monthly ‘what to plant’ posts. You’ll find the latest newsletter here:

Happy digging,

Elizabeth G.

PS: If you’re super organised you can start planting autumn and winter veg seeds in a corner somewhere as well.