Give a Veg Patch Gift?

If you’d like to give an edible gift this Christmas, you could try a Veg Patch to Go…What’s that? An easy way to start growing your own veg in one or two pots by a window somewhere.


The Veg Patch to Go is an easy gift that keeps giving. All you need to do to give a VP2Go is  buy the ingredients, print the guide, wrap and give them to your friend . You friend can then they can follow the planting and growing guide and viola, tasty veg will appear before their very eyes (download the Veg Patch to Go guide from the website here).

A tip from Martin for those with kiddies is to put a few radish seeds in instead of flowers in with the lettuce. Radishes grow so fast that youngsters find them intriguing. Martin even got his kids to do their chores and homework last summer by saying they had to be done before the kids could check out the radishes each evening. Clever.

Elizabeth G.

Happy festive season from me and