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WANT TO ADOPT A HARVEST SHARE BOX in your neighbourhood, school, business or community centre?

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Start your hosting a swap & meet up in 4 steps…

  1. CLICK here and download A HARVEST SWAP & MEET UP POSTER PACK to get started,
  2. Register your swap with us so we can tell people about it on our events page, swap map and social media.
  3. Tell everyone else close by with posters near your location, sharing info on social media etc.
  4. Bring your table, posters etc, produce and home-growing stories on the day and have a swapping good time.

TIP: Have regular swaps so people know when and where to find you and get in the habit of stopping by.

Harvest Swaps are simple community events held at a location like the local shops, school, shed, park or market. People bring their extra homegrown veg and swap it for some produce that someone else has brought along.

The main things you need to run a swap is a table, a couple of signs, some baskets or boxes and it’s handy to keep a visitor book too.

You can see a videos of swaps on our YouTube channel to give you some ideas as well.

If you’d like to talk to one of our experienced volunteers then get in touch with us via FB or email and we can chat with you about how swaps work and what we’ve learned.


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To host a harvest share box…

  1. Find a good place under cover and in eye-sight.
  2. CLICK here and download A HARVEST SHARE BOX display pack,
  3. Register your share box location with us so we can tell people about it on our swap map and social media.
  4. Set up the box, display and posters near your location, and share info on social media etc.
  5. Bring your produce and deposit them in the box to get it started.
  6. Remember to check the box occasionally to see what’s there you’d like to take, make sure the box has some produce and it stays clean and inviting.

A Harvest Share Box is a box in a convenient location where visitors can give and take homegrown produce when they stop by. This is a great way to share produce between people who have and those who want and need great local grown food without having to make a special trip anywhere.

To set up a share box, you need a space for a box in an easy to see place in a local cafe, shop, school or meeting place, a box, some posters to explain how it works and someone to check the box regularly to keep it clean.




ANOTHER TIP: It’s good to have your swap, share or seed starter session in a time and place that people already visit on a regular basis – think of it as ‘on-the-way-to…’ and not ‘out-of-my-way…’

Seed Starter Session is a community event where a small group of volunteers help each visitor to plant seeds a tray of seeds ready to water and grow at home.

All you need to run a seed starter session is some good potting mix, takeaway containers or old tetra packs (juice or UHT milk boxes), seeds, water and paper cups or empty toilet rolls and…peopleo f course.

You can see how to do the planting on our seeds starter video, get some instructions on the seed starter page, AND if you contact us via the form below we can send you posters and further information to help you organise and promote your event.

Click to see the seed planting demo

Click to see the seed planting demo















We’d love to talk to you if you are interested in running an event OR we always need more helpers to run events, keep our website and social media up-to-date, blog for us and lots of other things…share a little information with us and we’ll get back to you with more information or to have a chat about your ideas.