Enjoy…share a plant!

There is certainly a certain sense of satisfaction in growing your own veg. That glow of joy in watching the little thing you have planted grow into something enticing to eat. An oft forgotten satisfaction though is from sharing plants.

For example, the rhubarb at home base had been ignored in a corner for a couple of years and had turned into a monster. So a few weeks ago I dug up the monster, and divided it into about 8 or ten plants (yes, it was that large and needed a sharp spade!). Assuming that several of the transplanted ones would die I put about 6 back in the garden and a couple more into pots (can’t bear to waste a good plant). Happily, rhubarb has now found home with family and friends. While I am assured that the adopted plants are flourishing, one also triggered a dinner table debate that uncovered a secret family recipe for rhubarb. Who knew when I dug out the donor plant that its adopted descendents would travel many kilometers and such intrigue!

So, if you have some extra plants this spring, share them around. You never know what unexpected joy they might bring! You can inspire us too by posting your plant-share stories with us with comments below, or on Facebook ( or twitter (@100Kilos_Org).

Happy sharing and digging.
Elizabeth G