Enjoy – Capital Swaps and Intrepid Tomatoes

There was much fun in Yass NSW and Spence ACT last weekend sharing backyard veg from around the region. Check it out in our latest YouTube clip…

For those devotees who adopted or have a tomato plant or two to join Tomasina for the Intrepid Tomato Plant Adventure (figuring out if we can grow Tomatoes inside during winter in the Canberra Region), you’ll find the instructions below too.

Happy harvesting and veg adventures,

Elizabeth G


~A Veg Community Experiment~

 Tomatoes need a temperature of at least 17 degrees to produce fruit.

If you have a sunny protected spot at home or at work, you could take a tomato plant.

When you get the plant home, pot it out into a larger pot (about 20cm or more diameter is good).

Place it in a warm place inside or in a greenhouse where the temperature will remain 17 degrees or more.

Don’t fertilise it until it starts fruiting (use fertilizer with phosphorous in it)

Tell us about how your plant is going by posting photos and updates on our facebook page – 100Kilos.Org, or email to

This is a experiment, we don’t know if it’ll work but there’s one way for us to find out J

Check out the posts about Tomasina and her Intrepid Tomato buddies through autumn and winter at