About Us

—What is 100kilos.org?  100kilos.org is a community project inspired by farmers and foodies, that has taken on the challenge of helping every Australian home grow 100 kilograms (kilos) of food each year.
What do we do? 100kilos.org works with individuals and community groups to run events and projects to help Aussies grow fruit and veg at home. Our projects currently include harvest swap events, harvest share boxes, seed starter sessions, as well as supporting our online community via our webpage and social media.

How we’re special? The 100kilos.org project is focused on people and communities and aims to take the guesswork out of growing to make it fun and fruitful for newbies and old hands alike. We are also keen to do our bit to get fresh produce to folks in need of some extra fruit and veg in our communities too.

Children_JumpingWho are we? Our project is a not-for-profit community project run by a handful of volunteers who work closely with local people, businesses and community groups to help Aussies grow, eat and enjoy homegrown fruit and veg.

—IMG_1555 - garden saladWhy 100 kilos? It is feasible to grow 100kg of veg in a few of square metres of garden if you plant things that produce a lot – so nearly anyone should be able to do it. In practice that one of our volunteers grew over 60kg of tomatoes  in a 1.5 x 3 m garden over summer in 2012 so surely it must be doable to grow 100kilos in home veg patches around the country!
—Where are we? 100kilos began in Canberra and surrounding areas and hopes to grow to other regions in Australia.

—How are we funded? As a social enterprise, we are running on a shoe-string (or maybe a string bean) budget and are always looking for community and commercial partners to help make simple community projects succeed. 

How can you contact us? Looking for something or someone else at 100kilos.org? You can Call us on Skype or via the form below with any questions, comments or suggestions you’d like to share. It’s also easy to ask questions and share ideas with us online via:

  • Web: 100kilos.org (Ready? That’s www. Number-one-zero-zero-lowercase letters-kay-aye-elle-oh-ess-dot-org)
  • Facebook: 100kilos.org (www.facebook.com/100kilos.org) (That’s spelt the same as the website: Number-one-zero-zero-lowercase letters-kay-aye-elle-oh-ess-dot-org).
  • Twitter: @100Kilos_Org (twitter.com/100Kilos_Org) “Or one hundred, that’s one-zero-zero then Kilos with a capital Kaye-underscore-Org with a capital Oh).
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