A Park Veg Patch?

20131204-224213.jpgA morning visit to a park in Sydney has left me with a persistant question. How could we incorporate veg into our parks while keeping them beautiful and easy to maintain?

As I walked through a park in central Sydney last week I was struck by an odd pairing. There were two groups of people in the park that presented such a stark contrast. It was a lovely sunny morning and there were lots of people hurrying to work. At the same time, there were several people sleeping on benches in the park. I wondered what could we plant in the park that would be edible, manageable and useful to them?

Surely the commuters would like some herbs to take home for the evening meal? Maybe they could all do with a piece of fruit for breakfast?

What I also noticed was that there was lots of essentially bare or mulched space beneath the trees, and I wondered what edible delight would happily grow there in concert with the trees?

Returning the edible plants to our urban landscapes seems to be a good way to improve our health and our wellbeing but I wonder how we do it?


Elizabeth G.