6 ingredients

6 Ingredients for a Kick-Ass Veg Patch

So you’re thinking about having a veg patch? Here’s the most important things to get right to get plenty of produce and pleasure from your patch this season…

1. A Sunny Place – veges need sun most of the day, so find a sunny spot.
2. Regular Water – you’ll get healthy plants and more to harvest if you water regularly, so have your garden where it will get water
3. Rich Soil – veges are the teenagers of the plant world, they need lots of food so keep adding compost, fertiliser and nutrients to the soil to feed those hungry plants.
4. Animal Free Zone – animals like veg as much as we do so you’ll need a way to keep the pets and wildlife from eating your veg before you do.
5. People’s Attention – a little regular time and attention goes a long way in the veg patch, especially for selecting and planting the right plants for the time of year – make time each month and just cruise by occasionally to see what’s happening too.
6. Veg Patch Buddies – Find a couple of people you can walk and talk veg patch with. It’s more fun to grow and learn together, can save you some time and money and if you’re lucky they might water for you occasionally too 🙂

To get started (or restarted) go for a wander, find a sunny patch that’s easy to see, protect and water. Then add some new food to the soil and invite your buddies round to talk about what to do next or have a chat a out it down by the water cooler at work, at the school gate, by the letter box or over your cuppa or meal. Enjoy! Elizabeth G