Hello green thumbs, It is the quieter part of the growing calendar and I am getting through my winter jobs list, which is very satisfying. Taking advantage of the slower growing, including “weeds” is essential. […]

Winter cover for your garden

Greetings veggie growers and food lovers, Some moons have passed since I last posted, and some big changes have taken place for us here on the South coast. Previously I was growing at a property […]

Autumn… just in time for winter!

IMG_6374 - 3 from 1 orderly
In Part 1, we visited Tiny’s Green shed and went home with a car full of things…and now to Part 2… Part 2 – Pallets and Ponderings. So hat on my head, and boots on […]

IMG_6433 - 201605 pile of pallets
There’s something vaguely amusing about making something from pallets, that would otherwise be rubbish which makes me want to write in poetry. So the #upcycle veg patch story now continues as a poem. Here goes… ODE TO THE #UPCYCLE VEG PATCH Part […]

Our Old 'Four Poster' Veg Patch
Look! Our Founder, Elizabeth G is doing another experiment this Autumn with an upcycled veg patch…here’s the start of the story from Elizabeth… “An odd thing has happened to me in the last year. My […]

adult locust
Here’s the latest post from Sheba, our Bees and Bugs Guide…have you wondered about grass hoppers and locusts…those noisy, green things leaping around your vege patch? Grasshoppers and Locusts are pretty common in most backyards. The […]

Chewing Pests: Grasshoppers and Locusts