It’s both time to harvest and time be thinking about what to plant next…and if like me you’ve decided to plant more or get a bit more organised so you have more to share, then […]

Plan-t to swap this autumn?

Danielle with the first radishes in the new harvest garden
I got an email from Danielle at Canberra City Care (CCC) in Charnwood ACT today, with a great little story I’d like to share… The new Swap, Shop & Donate stall has started this week, […]


Thanks for the pic zcool. 1
I was inspired to write this post after reading a magazine article which reminded me of the most important lesson with water – water to match your soil. Bill Bampton said “There is a danger to one-size […]

Watering Part 1 – Rules of Thumb

Everyone who has been growing anything in the garden is familiar with bugs. Aphids, cutworms, mealy bugs are just a few that thrive on our vegetables and flowers causing damage and loss of produce. You […]

A Good Bug Mix